2410 N Forest Road

Amherst, NY

Up to 34,000 sf Class A Office Space Now Available
Today’s progressive businesses recognize the impact that their office space has on their bottom line. With large, 28,000 square foot floor plates, 2410 North Forest is the right building for companies looking to improve employee productivity and foster a strong corporate culture by consolidating operations on a single floor.

2410 North Forest consists of 80,000 square feet of Class A, LEED Silver office space located in the Town of Amherst, with custom-built suites of 6,000 up to 40,000 SF available. It features timeless architecture, performance-enhancing features and a strategic location that combine to position 2410 North Forest as the new signature address in Western New York.

Corporate Presence
Improve your corporate presence by locating in an office address second to none in Western New York; three stories of timeless design in one of the Town of Amherst’s most desirable locations.

Environmental Stewardship
Practice environmental responsibility by reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

A Better…and Healthier…Place to Work
2410 North Forest features industry-leading indoor air quality through the use of an under floor air distribution system. Combined with amenities such as a fitness facility and underground parking, 2410 represents a better and healthier place for your employees to work.

A Better Bottom Line
Enjoy fiscal benefits derived from reduced energy costs, increased productivity, and stronger employee attraction and retention.