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What is Vertical Mixed Use Development?

Understanding your location as well as the needs and preferences of your customers is key to deciding which mixed use development configuration is the best option for your business. Vertical mixed use development offers a variety of benefits for tenants. This building style attracts both millennial and Gen Z tenants…
Jenna Hutzler
July 4, 2022
Flex Space

4 Unique Warehouse Business Ideas to Consider

When starting a business, a large industrial space such as a warehouse may not be your number one choice. However, depending on the type of business, warehouses can offer many unexpected opportunities for new businesses. There are so many creative warehouse business ideas for successfully using a flex industrial space.…
Development Site

Try These Types of Metal Roofing on Your Site

As metal roofing grows in popularity, more people are interested in its advantages, including both clients and contractors. Being knowledgeable about different types of metal roofing and knowing their benefits is helpful when working on a commercial project. Contractors and construction professionals should have knowledge of the types of metal…