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Green Building Design Ideas for Your Commercial Space

Many commercial property owners are investing in green building design to reduce the harmful environmental impacts buildings can have on cities, while also saving energy. Find out how you can make your business’s commercial building more eco-friendly with these green building design ideas! Sustainable Construction Materials Use green building materials…
Jenna Hutzler
May 2, 2022

Bold and Bright Modern Office Design Ideas

When warmer weather arrives, it can be nice to change up the energy within your home or office. This can be done by rearranging furniture and decor, incorporating new decor, or adding new paint colors into a space. Adding office design ideas that incorporate bright, bold colors brings a sense…
Office Space

Modern Biophilic Office Design Trends To Watch

Incorporating plants and greenery into office spaces is becoming a popular trend—and not just for the appealing aesthetic. More businesses are testing out a modern biophilic office design due to benefits on employee productivity and mental health. Biophilic interior design has benefits going beyond improved productivity and focus, even impacting…
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5 Metal Roof Advantages You Should Know

With weather warming up across the country, more businesses are looking closer at the best material for their roofing needs. Asphalt shingles are no longer the go-to roofing choice because the benefits of having a metal roof are becoming more and more obvious. Metal roof advantages outweigh the disadvantages when…