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Office Space

Office Design Ideas for Your Tech Business

With more employees joining their team back in the office, you want to know what makes a good office design and why. If the office environment is unwelcoming or unorganized, you may find your employees distracted. Creating a solid tech office design can enhance productivity and improve office morale while…
Iskalo Development Corp.
September 13, 2021
Office Space

Benefits of Overhead Lighting in an Office

Overhead office lighting makes a huge difference in how your employees feel and focus during the workday. Walking into a dimly lit workspace already feeling drained and groggy doesn’t help with morale or energy as the day unfolds. Creating a bright, sustainably lit office space can improve the productivity, energy,…
Medical Office

Guidelines for Staying Safe in Medical Offices

Understanding the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for medical offices is essential for developing and maintaining a safe environment for your staff (and patients). This knowledge helps prevent employees from feeling confused or unsafe during their workday. Feeling comfortable with this information keeps staff members confidently moving through…
Office Space

How to Encourage Employees Back to the Office

As local and state COVID restrictions are lifted and businesses begin to reopen, employers are facing the challenge of transitioning employees from remote work back to the office. While some employees have lingering concerns about staying healthy, others might simply be reluctant to return to the office after more than…
Development Site

Hospitality Development with Iskalo

Hospitality development is a risky, yet rewarding venture. Hospitality facilities are an excellent way to generate income, build long-term wealth and add to the community.  What is Hospitality Development? Hospitality development refers to the planning and development of hospitality facilities, which include restaurants, hotels, museums, country clubs, resorts and more.…
Development Site

Site Planning 101

One of the most critical stages of real estate development is site planning. A site plan is necessary for engineers, architects and contractors working on a development project.  What is a Site Development Plan? A site development plan is an architectural document that acts as a blueprint for a property,…