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Flex Space

4 Unique Warehouse Business Ideas to Consider

When starting a business, a large industrial space such as a warehouse may not be your number one choice. However, depending on the type of business, warehouses can offer many unexpected opportunities for new businesses. There are so many creative warehouse business ideas for successfully using a flex industrial space.…
Development Site

Try These Types of Metal Roofing on Your Site

As metal roofing grows in popularity, more people are interested in its advantages, including both clients and contractors. Being knowledgeable about different types of metal roofing and knowing their benefits is helpful when working on a commercial project. Contractors and construction professionals should have knowledge of the types of metal…
Office Space

The Importance of a Convenient Office Location

Understanding the importance of office location on business success, customer convenience and employee quality of life is key when deciding where to establish yourself. Location plays an extremely important role in the way your business operates, as well as your company’s overall appeal. It’s crucial that you keep in mind…
Jenna Hutzler
June 6, 2022
Retail Space

Incorporating Shopper-First Retail into Your Store

Warmer weather means retail shops are keeping their doors open and preparing for in-person customers and experiences. However, driving interest to your shop doesn’t just happen once your door is open and a sign is posted outside. Organic growth requires genuine, in-person experiences and consistent engagement. What is Shopper-First Retail?…
Office Space

Green Building Design Ideas for Your Commercial Space

Many commercial property owners are investing in green building design to reduce the harmful environmental impacts buildings can have on cities, while also saving energy. Find out how you can make your business’s commercial building more eco-friendly with these green building design ideas! Sustainable Construction Materials Use green building materials…
Jenna Hutzler
May 2, 2022

Bold and Bright Modern Office Design Ideas

When warmer weather arrives, it can be nice to change up the energy within your home or office. This can be done by rearranging furniture and decor, incorporating new decor, or adding new paint colors into a space. Adding office design ideas that incorporate bright, bold colors brings a sense…