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Live-work-play communities have everything a working person in today’s world could ask for when looking to work and relax in one place. The question regarding this concept may be this: how do live-work-play communities thrive? When someone is looking to purchase a retail space–or multiple spaces–in a building, how can they make the live-work-play concept work? There are key components involved that will help this type of community survive.

What are Live-Work-Play Communities?

A live-work-play community is exactly what it sounds like. It is a building–or group of buildings–that include everything a person needs to live within a short distance. Inside the building, or group, is an office–which is often a coworking space–as well as their residence, a grocery store, and places to socialize.

Elements of Live-Work-Play

Live-work-play communities need to have specific elements to be successful as an ultimate destination.

Meeting Daily Needs

When preparing to help meet the daily needs of a working person, you must think beyond a stocked fridge. Though grocery stores are a critical part of creating a successful live-work-play development, there are other entities that are just as important. The community must think about the health of its residents. This means including offices for physicians and other medical professionals in the same building or in a nearby space. On top of health, other needs to keep in mind are hair salons, fitness spaces, and laundromats. These all must be taken into consideration when creating a live-work-play environment.

Creating Connections

In a space alternative to a main office–such as a coworking space–interacting with those around you is part of what draws people in. Of course, this doesn’t mean holding continuous conversations throughout the day. However, collaborating and connecting with fellow workers can present new job opportunities as well as improving social interactions. If those individuals live in the same live-work-play community, friendships as well as working relationships can be made. All it takes is creating a shared workspace that allows for open communication among those who visit.

Entertaining Spaces

When the workday is done, true socialization begins. This is different for everyone, which makes it that much more important to include multiple entertaining spaces within a live-work-play community. Though bars, lounges, and dining spaces are important and popular destinations for many, you also must take into consideration those who do not consume alcohol. Coffee shops are always a great addition to any community and make a great workspace as well. Bowling, darts, and pool are also popular activities that could be added to a live-work-play development.