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Workspaces–whether commercial or industrial–are jumping onto the biophilic train because of the benefits plants bring to a space. This trend is the act of bringing natural elements into a space to reap the positive impacts. Finding the best office plants for your workspace can benefit your mental well-being while adding color to your work environment. Incorporating low-maintenance desk plants into your office can help create the atmosphere you’re looking for!

The Best Low-Maintenance Office Plants

For the beginner plant parent unsure of what to grow first, there are a handful of options perfect for your desk and workspace. These low-maintenance office plants not only add interest to your space but need little care or handling.

1. Cactus

For those who want to start off small and simple, a cactus is a great beginner plant for a work environment. Not only are cacti adorable, but there are also many unique types to choose from–often making it hard to decide on just one! Cacti are easy to care for because they grow slowly and don’t need to be repotted often. Most cacti only need to be watered once every few weeks, but it does depend on the specific type of cactus. Since cacti are desert plants, they thrive in sunshine. It’s best to put a cactus in a bright, warm area–a window ledge or sunnier spot on your desk may be ideal.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plants are tough! Not only are these tall, mighty plants interesting to look at, but they can also survive almost anything. Snake plants can grow to exciting heights, adding a unique touch to any workspace. These make the best office plants because they are extremely easy to care for. Snake plants only need water a few times a month and behave well in low-light conditions. However, be cautious how much love you show your snake plant. Overwatering this plant may cause it to get a little angry… and no one wants an angry Snake Plant!

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is often a favorite among indoor plants in office spaces. Plant parents hoping to grow their little plant family often choose bamboo because of the interesting shapes it curls into. Bamboo “trunks” are known to weave and twist into hearts, spirals, and other fascinating patterns. For those anxious about soil types for their plants, bamboo makes it easy because it can grow in soil, water, or pebbles! Bamboo doesn’t need much light to stay happy, but it will get a little angry if its roots aren’t fully covered in water, soil, or pebbles.

4. Pothos

There are so many gorgeous types of pothos that you may have a hard time choosing which is the best office plant for you! While some of their leaves are a rich emerald, others have satiny specks of silver throughout them or even a tie-dye look to them. Pothos are known for being fast-growing climbers that can grow over a foot in length in a month! As long as their soil is moist and the vines have space to wander, pothos will be perfectly happy desk plants. If your office is pet-friendly, you do need to be cautious. Pothos are toxic to animals and you don’t want an office pet taking a taste.

5. Tradescantia

Similar to pothos, tradescantia plants love to wander, climb, and hang in any well-lit space! If your office has lots of natural light, a curious tradescantia will start leaning toward the light almost immediately. However, if the gorgeous purples and greens begin to fade, that may mean the plant has had too much sunshine and should be adjusted. However, these little guys are persistent and extremely hard to kill–making them perfect for beginner desk plants! There are many different types of tradescantia–all of them painted in deep greens and purples–so the decision on which is the best plant for your office space may be tricky!