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Many architects, engineers and designers are incorporating biophilic design into their building blueprints to help foster a connection to the outside world from indoors. Find out how biophilic design can improve your office space!

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design supports our innate attraction to nature and natural processes by bringing outdoor elements inside. By referencing nature inside the office, employees can benefit from its therapeutic qualities while they’re at work. Biophilic architecture incorporates plant life, water, wood, stone finishes, natural light, outdoor sounds and fresh air ventilation to provide employees with workspaces that connect them with nature.

Advantages of Biophilic Design

Not only does biophilic design introduce a pleasing aesthetic to your office, but research shows that biophilic elements offer a number of positive health and environmental benefits.

Physical Health

Natural environments can have a restorative impact on physical health. Plants and natural ventilation purify the air and eliminate many indoor pollutants and toxins. Higher air quality minimizes the risk of bacteria and viruses spreading throughout the office. Natural light in the office also provides a range of health benefits, from increased vitamin D to improved sleep quality.

Mental Health and Productivity

Indoor plants, natural light and other biophilic elements can provide plenty of mental health benefits for employees. Bringing nature inside the workplace helps to relieve stress and inspire creativity while improving confidence. A natural ambiance also enhances concentration levels, cognitive function and productivity.


Biophilic design promotes sustainable business efforts that have a positive impact on the community and environment. Green building design and natural resource conservation are both important aspects of biophilic design that address environmental issues including greenhouse gas usage and natural resource depletion. Biophilic office design demonstrates your company’s commitment to protecting the environment.