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The pandemic forced medical professionals to think outside the box. Now, the doctors, other medical providers, and researchers are using what they learned to shape medicine moving forward.

Trends in Health and Wellness for 2023

The healthcare trends emerging in 2023 are sure to keep evolving as research continues and artificial intelligence reigns.

Continued Virtual Supports

Treating patients both from the office and virtually through video have become the norm in healthcare. This medical trend isn’t just sticking around for a while; it is bound to grow and incorporate more virtual supports than ever before. Medical professionals and patients are seeing the benefits of remote appointments and patient care. Healthcare trends in 2023 will include more telehealth solutions as well as at-home testing opportunities.

Improved Patient Engagement

When patients feel heard, respected, and genuinely cared for by their providers, they are more likely to return to the space and recommend the office to others. Not everyone rushes to their yearly doctor’s appointments or immediately schedules appointments with their specialists–even when they should. When portals are interactive and convenient, patients are more likely to respond and do so more quickly–making it that much easier for the office to provide quality care. Healthcare trends in 2023 will include personalized patient care through easy-to-use applications and software.

Preventative Medicine

Why wait until you’re sick or injured to seek out medical help? Why not work with professionals to prevent sickness and pain? This mindset is one many healthcare providers hope to make the norm in 2023. Finding ways to stay healthy and avoid chronic problems will be part of the discussions many providers and therapists have with their patients this year. Partaking in fitness classes, health products, wellness apps, and more will be discussed more often. The increased adoption of wearables will accelerate this trend.

Enhanced AI

It’s obvious that recent developments in artificial intelligence and robotics have completely changed the medical field over the last two years. Technological advances have been rising at a speed many never even thought possible. Studies show that wearable technology, gaming platforms, and virtual reality will guide medicine in a unique, beneficial direction. On top of these trending technologies, improvements in smartphone software will provide guidance on both remote AI and surgical technology. Meshing knowledge from healthcare researchers with technological engineers will bring light to new possibilities in the medical field in 2023.