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The healthcare interior design industry is transforming the aesthetic of medical offices for comfort, efficiency, environmental friendliness and adaptability. Keep an eye out for these healthcare interior design trends in 2020 and beyond to ensure that your medical space is up-to-date and accommodating of evolving healthcare advancements.

Resimercial Design

Resimercial design is an increasingly popular healthcare interior design trend. The trend combines residential and commercial design elements into a contemporary workspace, such as a medical office. By using a warm, home-like aesthetic, you can make patients feel more at ease when making a trip to the doctor’s office that may otherwise cause anxiety and unrest.

Modern Technology Design

It’s important that healthcare facilities keep up with advancing technologies to show patients their practice is progressive and innovative. A cutting-edge facility starts with a technology-infused medical office layout. Offices are now being designed to incorporate digital check-in kiosks, charging stations and mobile computer workstations to provide patients with efficient, optimal care.

Adaptable Spaces

Clinics are beginning to plan for flexibility and adaptability to meet evolving healthcare needs. To design adaptable, multipurpose spaces, healthcare interior designers are incorporating prefabricated partitions rather than traditional walls, versatile lounge spaces, multipurpose furniture and moveable storage. Additionally, centralized areas designed for flexibility can double as work stations and meeting space for nurses and other employees.

Biophilic Interior

Biophilic interior design incorporates nature and eco-friendly components into an indoor commercial space with an excess of natural light, vegetation, organic textures and patterns, water and refreshing airflow. Rooted in science, biophilic design creates a multi-sensorial experience proven to reduce stress, improve cognitive function, stimulate creativity and instill tranquility. Integrating biophilic elements into your medical office design can promote a relaxing and refreshing environment for both patients and employees.