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A well-lit office plays a critical part in how office morale and productivity throughout the day. While natural light is beneficial and sought after, not all offices can physically have a wall or two of windows. When choosing the best office ceiling lights for you, you want office overhead lighting that fits your brand that also brightens your commercial space. 

What is Best for Your Business?

The first step you should think about is what kind of bulbs you want in your commercial office lighting fixtures. You want the lighting balance in your office to be steady and making sure the lightbulbs you use have the same color temperature throughout the office maintains that consistency. You don’t want employees to get headaches or experience vertigo from different bulb colors or constant flickering in your office. Focusing on the kind of lightbulb and the color temperature of that bulb is important for businesses when trying to better their office lighting while also staying on-brand. 

Types of Office Ceiling Lights


This type of light is used less in commercial office lighting fixtures, but is still seen as one of the top three most popular types of office ceiling lights. Typically found in older lighting models, incandescent lights are not as sustainable as LED or fluorescent lights, but are still recognized as eco-friendly. This lighting type consumes energy quicker and has a shorter bulb life than others due to the tungsten (a safe metal) which is used. Incandescent bulbs are popular in task-focused fixtures or accent lights in an office setting. This isn’t to say they don’t work well in office overhead lighting, but they work better when utilized in accent features.


The beloved LED light. To say LED lights aren’t a favorite in office settings would be untrue. LED lights are well-known across the board in most industries due to their long lifespans, low wattage use and cool bulb temperatures. LED popularity has skyrocketed over the last decade for these reasons. LED light bulbs are extremely sustainable and come in unique sizes and shapes—perfect for commercial office spaces. Between typical bulbs, tubes, rope lights and others, your office overhead lighting will be energy-efficient and focus-friendly with LED.  


Fluorescent lights are seen as a kind of sibling of incandescent lights. While incandescent lights are popular in accent fixtures and drain energy quickly, fluorescent lights last about twenty times as long as their counterparts. With a high lumen production and cool color temperature, these lights are used often as office ceiling lights in the form of tube lights. When used in this way, they can be easily replaced and come in T8 and T5 tube forms. Though fluorescent lights have many positives, they do have flaws, one being their use of Mercury. Fluorescent bulbs are also known to flicker when a bulb is loose or losing energy and that is definitely not something office workers want to deal with often.