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When warmer weather arrives, it can be nice to change up the energy within your home or office. This can be done by rearranging furniture and decor, incorporating new decor, or adding new paint colors into a space. Adding office design ideas that incorporate bright, bold colors brings a sense of positivity and energy to an office space or residence.


If you’re coming up with corporate office design ideas for a small space, adding mirrors can make a tremendous difference. Mirrors make a space look larger while also adding personality to modern interior design. Strategically placing mirrors can be difficult, but when they are used in the correct area and are the appropriate style, a space can completely change. For example, when incorporating mirrors into a hallway, you would want to use long, rectangular mirrors to maximize how the space looks. Grander, more decorative mirrors can be used in larger areas to not only maximize the space, but also add a bold statement to the office.

Accent Wall

Instead of painting an entire space a bright, overwhelming color, think about keeping the boldness to just one wall. Creating an accent wall is a great way to make a focal point for a space while incorporating unique elements that suit your brand. This can be done by painting or adding wallpaper to one wall in a way that doesn’t take over the space or make it tough on the eyes. Adding pops of decor to an accent wall—such as mirrors, paintings, sconces, and frames—can make the wall a discussion piece for visitors. Keeping colors on the accent wall within your brand’s theme is a great way to add a unique touch to a space as well.


The benefits of natural light not only range from improving mental health and productivity, but also can make a space seem brighter and larger. Office design ideas that include skylights both improve serotonin levels while making an office, lobby, or living room seem spacious. Of course, incorporating a skylight into a building takes planning and physical labor. Working with a landlord, contractor, or developer can often be overwhelming — a lot of moving parts happening simultaneously. However, when trying to add a bold statement to a space, a skylight is an element that does just that.


Even though some people and businesses are still wary about using wallpaper, the trend has returned with a vengeance. Similar to the accent wall discussed above, wallpaper is a good way to add character to a space with bright, bold elements. A recent wallpaper trend has to do with adding visual texture to a space. If one or two walls have textured, patterned wallpaper where color mixes well with the rest of the space, it can make a bold, impressive statement.