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The waiting room is often the first impression your patients receive of your practice. A well-designed reception area should make patients and their families feel comfortable and at home. Promote an inviting and professional environment for your clientele with these medical office waiting room design tips!


Comfortable Furniture

Invest in medical office waiting room furniture that makes your patients feel welcome and comfortable when they enter. No one wants to wait for their appointment in a stiff or worn chair. Choose furniture that offers maximum support and comfort for patients of all ages as they relax and wait for your services. Reception end tables also offer your patients a convenient place to set down their belongings, rather than on the floor.



Sensible Layout

Your medical office waiting room layout should be arranged in a way that makes the space feel open and easily navigable for both staff and patients. Consider your traffic flow first to determine the best possible arrangement for your reception area. 

Ensure an open and accessible space for patients and staff with seating arrangements that allow for mobility. Incorporate a variety of seating options, rather than rows and rows of elbow-to-elbow seating, to make patients feel physically and socially comfortable. Add clusters of seats for families or couples to sit together in their own space. Remove any walls or barriers that might make patients feel restricted.



Contemporary Décor

Give your reception area an inviting, amicable feel by adding some contemporary art, accessories and plants to your space. Choose pieces of medical office waiting room décor that reflect your practice’s brand and accentuate your furniture and color scheme.




The lighting in your medical office waiting room should add to your aesthetic and make your patients feel at home while ensuring visibility. Avoid harsh fluorescent lighting and illuminate your space with as much natural light as possible! Use direct lighting in areas where staff and clientele are filling out paperwork, as well as over entrances.




Make the waiting room experience a bit more enjoyable for your patients by offering WiFi and entertainment. Patients can connect to the Internet to get work done, respond to emails or scroll social media while they wait for their appointment with high-speed WiFi. Add a TV or tethered tablets to your medical office waiting room to help your patients pass the time.