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Today, most consumers lead omnichannel lives, in which they interact with businesses and people through multiple channels, when and where it is most convenient for them. Healthcare providers have the opportunity to engage with current and potential patients through multiple touchpoints for a true patient-centric approach.

What is Omnichannel Healthcare?

Omnichannel in healthcare means connecting with patients through multiple channels. By implementing an omnichannel patient experience, you can be very accessible to your patients and offer them a more personalized healthcare journey, both inside and outside of the office. You can also reduce operating costs and improve patient outreach and satisfaction while creating value for you and your clientele!

How to Implement Omnichannel in Healthcare

Here are some ways you can provide an excellent omnichannel patient experience at your healthcare practice!

Optimized Patient Workflow

Implement an optimized omnichannel patient workflow to create a smooth and seamless patient experience. You can ease the process for your staff and your patients by documenting visit registration, billing and insurance eligibility, scheduling appointments and recording patient health history via an online portal.

This self-service model gives your clientele 24/7 access to their individualized healthcare information. It can also reduce waiting times and missed appointments while saving your receptionists paperwork and other manual tasks. The real-time data and analytics that omnichannel healthcare platforms provide enable providers to focus on better patient outcomes!

Patient Care

Improve your provider performance with an omnichannel patient experience that provides quality, available patient service and support when they’re not at the office. You can provide convenient patient care in-person or via video calls, phone calls or patient portal messages. Emerging technologies like IoT wearables, AI health systems, and other online medical apps and devices can also assist healthcare providers as they engage with patients efficiently no matter where they are.

Omnichannel Healthcare Marketing

There are so many ways you can communicate with your current and future clientele! Today’s patients are using multiple platforms and devices. Television, radio and social media are just a few channels you can leverage to speak to your patients. To engage with your clientele on a more personal level, you can deliver relevant messages through patient portals, SMS campaigns or email marketing. By interacting with patients through multiple marketing channels, you have more opportunities to deliver your message and receive positive engagement.