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Investing in mixed use residential development combines the benefits of residential and commercial properties, strengthening your portfolio immensely.

What is Mixed Use Residential Development?

Mixed use residential development blends commercial and residential real estate uses into a single project. By strategically bringing together all of the essential elements of a community, mixed use residential and retail development presents the potential for both stable investment and o
pportunities for resilience and growth. These developments are often referred to as live-work-play communities, where tenants, employees, customers and visitors can enjoy all of the amenities of a community in one location.

Mixed use residential development spaces incorporate businesses, restaurants, retail and housing that complement one another for a desirable neighborhood destination. Common features of mixed use residential developments include outdoor spaces and public infrastructures that encourage walkability and eco-friendly living.

Why Invest in Mixed Use Residential and Retail Development?

Exposure to Customers

Mixed use residential and retail developments are within close proximity to new clientele from a commercial and residential audience. Retailers, medical offices and beauty services have the potential to attract an immense amount of foot traffic from high visibility compared to stand-alone businesses.

Walkability and Public Transportation

Walkability score is a huge factor for today’s professionals, renters and local homebuyers. Both millennials and seniors enjoy having the option to walk or use public transportation to travel to community amenities while decreasing their carbon footprint. By investing in mixed use residential development, you’re accommodating the high demand for walkable places to shop, work, live, eat and play.

Variety of Existing Amenities

One of the most advantageous features of mixed use residential development is location. These properties are generally located in high-traffic, densely populated areas near already existing amenities, such as schools and parks. By investing in a mixed use property, you can help to create an inclusive community with the help of existing establishments!

Less Risk

Mixed use residential and retail development offers both commercial and residential real estate, diversifying your portfolio and reducing the amount of risk your portfolio is exposed to. Mixed use developments are generally safe investments because they include a variety of uses and tenants, so there’s not one large tenant whose vacancy would negatively impact the investor. They also benefit investors by providing higher income, longer leases, less competition and cash flow.