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The Internet has transformed the way people shop today. While the speed and convenience of online shopping have transformed the industry, physical retail isn’t going away anytime soon. Switching between online and offline shopping is the new normal for many shoppers. Many retailers are shifting toward click and mortar operations to engage with customers using multiple channels to shop. 

What is Click and Mortar?

A click and mortar business offers both online and offline shopping experiences. Through a click and mortar business model, also known as the omnichannel model, retailers can serve customers with the benefits of both online and physical stores. Omnichannel shopping gives customers the ability to use multiple methods to browse and shop for products.

Advantages of an Omnichannel Retail Strategy for Retail Businesses

Customer Experience

An omnichannel approach allows retailers to deliver a more personalized shopping experience across tactile and digital touchpoints for loyal and potential customers. Retailers have the opportunity to provide customers with memorable and immersive brand experiences, whether they’re shopping in your store or browsing your website from their mobile device. Access to individual information opens up new doors for retailers to engage with customers, from email marketing to social media.

Many shoppers today use multiple channels during their shopping journey! Click and mortar stores offer customers the flexibility and convenience of choosing how and when they shop with your business. Customers can browse, shop, and return products or speak to customer service online at any time, at the storefront during your allotted hours, or a combination of the two. Access to multiple shopping channels also allows customers to make more informed and involved purchase decisions when shopping for a specific product.


Operating a click and mortar store gives retail businesses the ability to expand their reach while still serving their local customer base. An online and offline store gives retailers the opportunity to connect with more customers, without being limited by geographic location or store hours.


Click and mortar stores offer businesses a wealth of flexibility and efficiency when it comes to staffing and inventory. By integrating online retail strategies into your business model, you can automate many customer service functions, which gives you room to allocate your labor budget to other important parts of your store. It also gives you the ability to sync your online and offline inventory, making it easier for retail businesses to update their inventory and stay consistent across all stores, online and offline.