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Office building amenities play an extremely important role in the value of a property for building owners, developers, and tenants and their employees. As a business owner, it’s important that you’re aware of the office amenity trends and their various benefits for your employees. Find out what some of the best office amenities are today and be sure to apply them to your search!

Reliable Wireless Internet

No matter what type of business you operate, fast and reliable WiFi is an essential office space amenity if you want to keep up with modern business practices. Ensure that your company is performing at maximum capacity and efficiency with strong wireless internet connectivity.

Parking and Transportation

Ample on-premise parking should be one of the most notable office building amenities when searching for a new space. It’s important that your space offers easily accessible parking and public transportation options for employees, clients and customers.

Conference Facility

Your office building should include a conference room large enough to accommodate all of your employees at one time. Having a conference facility with adjustable room sizes in your office building would be ideal if you plan to host larger meetings and events.


It’s important that employees have a place to relax throughout the workday. Spacious lounges or multi-use lobby areas help to foster community in the workplace and allow for a refreshing break from the traditional work environment.

Accessible Dining Options

Providing an on-site cafeteria or pop-up restaurant service gives employees the option to purchase food and dine on the premises. This allows employees to make the most of their break time, rather than rushing during lunch.


Safety is a concern for every company, no matter what size. One of the most sought-after amenities in office buildings today is a sound security system. It’s important that you and your employees feel secure working in the office at any time of the day.

Outdoor Connection

An outdoor connection can be a major perk for office employees that spend the majority of their days indoors. An outdoor space, courtyard, natural setting, or convenient access to a park or trails offers employees the opportunity to recharge mid-workday in the refreshing open air.

Natural Light

Natural light is an extremely valuable office space amenity. Natural light offers a number of benefits including better sleep, improved overall health, increased productivity and lower utility costs. Entering a bright space filled with sunlight and refreshing views of the outdoors for an eight-hour day at the office makes work a little more enjoyable for your employees.