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When a customer walks into a retail store, they want to experience an environment different from others they’ve visited. Though the products being sold are the ultimate reason behind the visit, the atmosphere also leaves a memorable impression. One element of the retail aesthetic that plays a significant role is store lighting. When retail lights are used appropriately, the store environment and customer experience improve.

How Store Lighting Improves Customer Experience

Store lighting plays an important role in how customers experience retail. The below points focus on four ways businesses benefit from retail lights in a store.

Unique Fixtures

Why use a regular hanging or inset light when you can use something eye-catching and interesting? When store lighting is unique, it holds a special place in the minds of customers. Finding fixtures that stand out and support your aesthetic can be the difference between a customer purchasing an item at your store rather than another.

Lighting draws attention to certain points in a store. When you have store lighting fixtures that do this in unusual ways, it will be remembered. Create a light strategy in your retail store that highlights certain products and areas in the brick-and-mortar space. Seek out track lighting, pendant lights, and adjustable lighting that change up the look, but still support the aesthetic.

Appropriate Light Warmth

The temperature and strength of retail lights can impact the eye comfort of customers. If visitors have a tough time seeing products or even navigating the store because of lighting, they won’t want to return. Utilizing the appropriate balance of lighting temperature in your retail space is crucial when setting a store environment.

Store lighting temperature may differ depending on the aesthetic of your store. For example, lights with cooler temperatures often exhibit clean, roomy feelings that fit well with hardware and appliance stores. Warmer temperatures may bring forth more welcoming, relaxing vibes that connect better with customers visiting clothing or furniture retailers. When your retail store uses light temperatures fitting of its brand, more customers may connect to products and make more purchases.

Visual Contrast

Using multiple light sources creates contrast within the space. This means the retail lights draw customers’ interest to different shelves, corners, and walls where specific products may be. Contrast naturally directs customers toward areas in the store that you want attention to go to–that may mean using spotlights or backlights.

Other ways to add customer interest are by creating shadows, spotlights, and accent pieces. A great way to do this is to contrast retail lighting in window setups. Strategically placing accents and highlights within the window will grab a passerby’s interest. When there’s high contrast outside of the store, it’s also important to match the vibe inside. If you add just as much contrasted lighting inside, customers will feel drawn in to continue shopping.