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If you’re an independent medical practitioner, you may have heard about the concept of medical coworking. Medical coworking spaces are gaining popularity among physicians who want the freedom of their own office space without the hassle of the overhead costs and building management.

What is Medical Coworking Space?

A medical coworking space is an office arrangement where you share a space with other healthcare practices. As a provider in a medical coworking space, you also share medical equipment, a reception area, furniture and other expenses with other providers, but you still remain an independent practitioner.

Benefits of Medical Coworking

Better Healthcare Experience

Medical coworking eliminates many of the challenges associated with owning your own medical practice, allowing you to spend more time focused on patient care. These challenges include office management tasks and operational and logistical problems that can be taken care of by the front desk. Rather than juggling the administrative tasks that come with owning your practice or succumbing to a larger healthcare system, you can provide a better, more personalized healthcare experience for your patients.

Lower Costs

You no longer have to worry about the costs of renovation, regulation, utility bills, Internet, administrative workers and more with a medical coworking space. Cost-sharing with other practitioners allows you to be financially efficient enough to stay independent without opening your own private practice. Your monthly dues will cover all of your necessary fees!


One of the most appealing aspects of coworking space for doctors is the flexibility that it offers. You pay for exactly the space and time that you need. As you build your patient base, you can add more hours or days until you’re ready for a full-time  medical space. This way, you can minimize the financial risk of running a private practice, saving on upfront expenses and monthly overhead fees.


A medical coworking environment allows you to meet and network with other practitioners. You’ll be surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded practitioners that can give you advice or open up new opportunities for your practice. On top of this, medical coworking space may bring you in-house referrals that can help you grow your business.