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Pop up shops have become a common development in the wake of COVID-19, as many physical retail shops began questioning their ability to remain open. Despite uncertainty, many retailers have started incorporating pop up shop ideas into their business strategy and are seeing the benefits.

What is a Pop Up Shop?

Pop up retail shops are unique because they can take on many different forms. While some pop up shops are standalone stalls in malls or at events, some mobile pop up shops are just that: mobile retail shops set up in vans or buses. Other ways retailers utilize the pop up shop method is by setting up small stands in existing stores where specific products are sold. However a retailer decides to test out their pop up shop ideas, they will often experience a handful of benefits in return.

Reasons to Look into Pop Up Shop Ideas

Pop Up Republic states that pop up shop sales have grown by about $10 billion since the idea increased in popularity. This popularity took flight when the pandemic created anxiety for retailers. It didn’t take long before shop owners thought creatively and realized how pop up shop ideas could improve their business.

Unique Experiences

Shoppers are always looking for a new retail experience. After a year of online shopping during the initial 2020 quarantine, in-person experiences outside of the norm now easily catch shoppers’ interest. Retailers are catching onto this and testing out pop up shop ideas to see how the public reacts. A way to gauge this interest is to set up a pop up retail kiosk in a location that will directly connect with your customers. Knowing the target audience will point the retailer in the right direction as to where to set a pop up shop up.

Customer Attraction

When a business understands their target audience, they have a better chance of reaching the right customers. This also helps when setting up a pop up shop with an end goal of guiding new customers to the larger physical retail store. Creating exclusive specials at pop up retail shops helps drive customers to those specific spaces. It is also a good opportunity to hand out exclusive discounts that can only be used at the large retail store. This is a way to kill two birds with one stone and draw interest to both spaces. 

Permanent Shop Interest

Once customers enjoy the new retail experience and take advantage of exclusive specials, they are more likely to support the business and visit the larger, brick-and-mortar shop. Pop up shops are sometimes seen as a way to cut out the big store permanently when, really, adding pop up design strategies can improve a business on many levels. Having pop up retail shops in other stores or at events also allows retailers to collaborate with one another. That connectivity drives new customer interest to the business and shows local support—which is always a plus!