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Office interior design trends for 2020 are focused on sustainability, collaboration and digital transformation. More and more companies are redesigning their headquarters to emphasize these three elements. 

These office interior design trends will affect business owners looking to purchase commercial real estate in the next year:

Flexible Spaces

Modern offices are introducing the concept of multi-functional, collaborative workspaces. Dynamic flexibility in office design allows for movable, multi-functional elements and furniture to be rearranged at any time. Flexibility offers balance and productivity in the workplace by providing a creative atmosphere. 

Flexible spaces enable your employees to choose where and how they work. Open floor plans offer a variety of seating options throughout the office for employees to get up and move around during the workday, rather than being restricted to an assigned seat. Many flexible workspaces also offer health bars, coffee bars, recharge rooms and game rooms to improve employee health, productivity and satisfaction.

Biophilic Design

Business owners today are employing wellness-focused features in their offices to improve their green efforts and employee health. Sustainable office space interior design is very popular right now for many great reasons. Biophilic design brings the natural world indoors and focuses on environmental conservation, technology-driven energy efficiency and human wellness. 

By incorporating natural office interior concepts, businesses can create a soothing aesthetic that emphasizes eco-friendliness and a beautiful connection between humans and nature. Many offices are including large windows in their building design for natural light, as well as environmentally-friendly flooring and other natural elements, like plants and water. 

Technology Integration

Technology plays a vital role in today’s modern offices. A well-equipped office space prepared for digital integration is important for most office spaces today. It allows office employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.  

Conference rooms in the Digital Age are being updated to accommodate new technologies. Smart conference rooms integrate hardware and software tools that allow for a collaborative and productive meeting experience, whether the attendees are remote or in-person. Smart meeting rooms are designed with a modern, distraction-free aesthetic.