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Industrial tenants are looking for specific elements when they search for real estate property to ensure productivity, functionality and profitability for their businesses. Below are some of the most essential features industrial tenants want for their business properties. 

Site Functionality

One of the key real estate features industrial tenants look for is site functionality. Tenants want to make sure there is plenty of sufficient parking space for employees, customers, delivery drivers and visitors. Some industrial businesses may require a loading dock, bay area or a simple delivery truck entrance to accommodate growing ecommerce demands. Most industrial tenants also look for overhead doors and ample ceiling height for maximum functionality.

Flexible Space

Industrial companies competing in a dynamic environment must be agile and ready to meet changing demands. In addition, high volume periods may require industrial companies to have additional storage and distribution space. Flexible space allows businesses more room to tailor the space to accommodate their evolving needs.

Updated Kitchens and Break Rooms

Many of today’s industrial businesses have adopted commercial food retail, full-service coffee bars, lunch options or updated kitchens for their employees. Industrial business owners are looking for updated kitchens and break rooms to improve their employees’ work environment. Larger industrial properties may encourage small cafes to lease a portion of the space.

Natural Elements

Modern industrial businesses understand the importance of incorporating natural elements into the workspace for sustainability and improved employee health. Nature is inviting for employees and customers, and it has a significant positive impact on productivity and mood. Industrial tenants are seeking spaces with built-in natural sunlight, outdoor courtyards, recycled flooring and quality air ventilation systems. 

Technologically Advanced Facilities

More and more developers are integrating technology into new industrial buildings to reduce labor and improve efficiency. Industrial tenants are looking for technologically advanced facilities to reduce maintenance costs, conserve energy, create a healthier work environment, and provide maximum security for occupants.