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Just because you work in a small office doesn’t mean it has to feel like it. However, when there are piles of papers on your desk and you feel as if electronic devices are closing in on you, it may be time to reorganize. Taking the time to declutter your office and organize it efficiently encourages positive focus, energy, and productivity in the workplace—especially when that workspace is small.

How Does Decluttering Help?

When you work in the same small space every single day, you may grow accustomed to the mess if it never really gets taken care of. Though you may think you’re someone who can work well in clutter, messy work areas can decrease productivity and lead to more anxious habits. When you’re feeling focused in a cleaner space, distractions lessen and you can really pay attention to what matters. 

Decluttering Tips

1. Only Keep Essentials

It can be extremely hard throwing anything work-related in the trash. However, if it’s a Post-it note from 2019, what’s the good in keeping it around? Get rid of materials that don’t associate with work you are doing, such as old to-do lists or documents you no longer need. Also, if you have more than one coffee mug on your desk along with several lip balms or other personal-care products—trash them!

2. Digital Storage Options

Since we live in the age of constant technological advances, why not use them to the fullest? Instead of having to regularly declutter the filing cabinet (or several of them), save as much as you can to your computer, email documents to yourself, and send as much as you can to a digital storage solution. On top of these digital options, there are many project management tools and apps available to help you say goodbye to piles of papers filling up your desk. 

3. Labels and Categories

When you create sections in your small office devoted to certain tasks, clients, or other work dynamics, the clutter seems to magically disappear. Finding an organizational system that works for you and helps declutter your small office is a critical element in improving productivity. It also can make your day easier simply knowing where certain things on your shelves and desk are. Whether it’s using Post-it notes or printing labels, categorizing and labeling is a great way to declutter your office.