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With nice weather comes interest in spending as much time outside as possible. Whether this means you work outside or relax in the sunshine, your outdoor space should be as functional as possible. When you create a functional outdoor space, you want it to be comfortable to work and relax in, protected from the elements, and technologically savvy.

Creating an Outdoor Space

Though aesthetic and decorative elements are what make an outdoor space nice to look at, it’s the functionality that makes it usable. Comfort, technology, and protection are three critical elements to consider when preparing a functional outdoor space at your residence or your office.

Focus on Comfort

Comfort is key when working in an outdoor office pod or relaxing on a back patio. To make the area a functional outdoor space, there are items you want to include. If working remotely from your home, shading for your laptop screen and yourself is important for comfort and productivity. If the sun is shining on the screen, it will be tough to get work done without frustration. Overhangs or umbrellas also help reduce eye strain and keep your laptop from overheating.

On top of shading options, a functional outdoor space needs comfortable furniture. Weather-resistant furniture is helpful when creating an outdoor workspace or home patio. Lumbar support pillows are useful additions for working outside or casually reading a book for leisure. When cooler fall weather arrives, you may also want a heat lamp or small outdoor stove.

Feel Protected

Being outside means being impacted by the elements. If you live in a hot, sunny part of the country, shading–as discussed above–is critical for many reasons. However, making sure sunscreen, sunglasses, or a brimmed hat are at your disposal could also make the outdoor space more functional. Keeping these items in a storage container outside may be helpful. That way you don’t have to go searching for them when you start feeling uncomfortable. If you’re one to spend time outside closer to the evening hours, mosquitos may become an issue. Having bug spray and citronella candles can help prevent frustration against pests in a functional outdoor space.

Prepare Technology

Technology is a huge part of how we work and live. When putting together a list of functional outdoor office space ideas–or just ideas for home outdoor space–technology should be on the list. To work, you’ll need an internet connection, likely via WiFi. A Bluetooth speaker in the outdoor space is great for background music.

Other tech-savvy items to include in your functional outdoor space are a wireless keyboard, sufficient lighting, and an extra charger with a cord long enough to reach the nearest outlet. One way to ruin a relaxing day is to spend fifteen minutes searching for an outlet just to realize your cord won’t reach it. Being able to productively work or relax outdoors means being prepared in every way possible.