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You want to feel welcome when you walk into your workplace. If you work in a space you don’t feel you can genuinely be yourself in, productivity and confidence may lessen. Improving community in the workplace doesn’t just help one or two people in the office. A positive, supportive sense of community at work can boost overall morale

Creating a Sense of Community at Work

Creating a sense of community in the workplace is beneficial when providing a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for employees. Here are a handful of reasons why a sense of community in the workplace is beneficial to everyone involved.


Keeping a positive mindset throughout the day can be tough–especially at work. Pointing out the positives–whether in someone’s work or personal life–is a kind way to spread a sense of community in the workplace. By complimenting others on their positive traits, confidence and comfort may improve for them throughout the day.


Comfort is a critical part of one’s mental and physical well-being. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable at their desk, they’re less likely to get their work done. On top of physical comfort, mental comfort is just as important. If your mind is scattered or overwhelmed at the office, that discomfort will impact your work. When there is a sense of community in the workplace, coworkers are more likely to relax and be comfortable.


No matter the relationship–personal or professional–trust is a critical element to build in and out of the workplace. Without trust in a workplace, communication, comfort, and sense of belonging are difficult. In a way, trust is the foundation of a community in the workplace. When trust is built between employees, the overall atmosphere becomes more positive and safe. Safety is also key when it comes to building trust in any part of one’s life–especially in the workspace.


Communication and trust are both major foundations of building a sense of community in the workplace. This also goes for any relationship in one’s life, even outside of the workplace. Without clear communication skills, messages among staff members may become misunderstood. This can lead to negative relationships or discomfort between employees; when working with others, this kind of negativity is never helpful. Instead, make sure everyone feels comfortable speaking their minds and opening up with one another. This often happens over time and when there is a positive sense of community in a space, open communication begins to happen naturally.