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It’s always fun to incorporate new apartment decorating ideas in the springtime to add a pop of color and energy to your space. Once holiday decorations are put away and the winter blues have fully set in, sprucing up your apartment with bright, budget-friendly decor can be just what your apartment—and your mental state—need. 

Decorating for small apartments doesn’t have to be a frustrating task. When there’s a theme, a budget, and a little bit of persistence, the experience can be just that—an experience. Even though renters don’t have the freedoms as homeowners, there are still easy ways to make decorating for spring on a budget a fun way to welcome warmer weather!


You would never expect pillows to pack the punch they do when trying to add positive energy to a small space. Pillows bring a welcoming feel to a room and when their colors are bright and warm, you will find visitors sitting on your couch or chair snuggling a pillow to their chest during conversation. Another positive reason to add decorative pillows to your list for apartment decorating ideas is that they don’t have to be expensive. Thrift shops and local artisans often have vibrant pillows and pillowcases for purchase that won’t look like any others on the market.

Bright Colors

Spring is the time for blues, yellows, oranges, and peachy pinks. Though bright colors can definitely add exciting energy to a space, it’s important not to overdo it. Instead of going overboard, add simple pops of color throughout your small apartment. This can be done using vintage books, picture frames, flowers, throw blankets, or table pieces. Wall decor or tapestries work well when trying to add color to a space, but be careful of how much color you’re adding. The best apartment decorating ideas often come from using a bunch of smaller, more unique items.


Mirrors have a wonderful way of playing with the mind and making a space seem larger than it really is. When it comes to sprucing up a small apartment space, adding decorative mirrors can go a long way in making an apartment look larger. Instead of trying out simple, light-colored mirrors, add pops of color to them in springtime hues of warm orange and robin’s egg blue. Another way to incorporate mirrors into your apartment is to look through antique stores and thrift shops for hidden gems. By finding a budget-friendly mirror, you could even paint the frame to your liking so it adds a personal touch to your space.

Floral Rugs

Rugs make a real difference when decorating small apartments. Rugs are also the perfect way to add springtime flair and color to your space. Floral rugs are very on-trend this year and snagging a good sale on a floral rug may be the perfect apartment decorating idea this spring. The nice thing about floral designs is that there are so many unique styles to choose from. There are realistic floral designs, watercolor florals, illustrations, and even abstract designs. Floral, seasonal rugs are always smart additions to your list of apartment decorating ideas for springtime. 

Nature-Inspired Decor

Faux flowers are making a huge comeback this year when it comes to decorating for small apartments, especially on a budget. Not only are faux flowers trendy additions to any small apartment—or office—faux twigs and other nature-themed items look great in colorful vases. When natural materials are scattered around an apartment in an organized way, they give off a homey vibe impossible to ignore. Nature-inspired decor, such as faux flowers and twigs, can be pretty low maintenance. They can be set in place and enjoyed by all without any upkeep!