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With a new year comes new office design trends. When it comes to commercial office flooring, we’re predicting materials such as cork, leather, and glass will be making appearances in offices this year. 

Why Add Unique Flooring Trends to Your Office?

Adding unique flooring trends—such as cork, leather, and glass—to your office area can improve the energy, aesthetic, and design for your workspace. When an odd trend takes off and your business is one of the first to try it out, you may experience positive attention for it. Devoted clients will speak to others about the aesthetic and that will help drive interest to your business.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a popular commercial office flooring trend appearing in offices due to its flexibility, soft texture, and low-maintenance needs. Cork is easy to walk on for those who have back and knee issues as well as for businesses with a lot of floor traffic. The material does not easily mold or mildew and is great during flu season since dust mites and other germs don’t cling to it. Being derived from plants, cork makes one of the best flooring for offices because it sucks in moisture and is impressively durable. If your office wants to save a few dollars when implementing a new design, cork tiles can easily be placed on a dry subfloor. 

Leather Flooring

Leather flooring doesn’t look like your favorite jacket or boots were pasted neatly onto the floor. Leather tiles are often the go-to with this trend and the tile look is what keeps this design looking modern and unique. Though the fabric is called leather, the upper layer is actually composed of “faux leather” material. This material improves the durability of the tile slabs so high traffic doesn’t wear them down as quickly. Beneath the slabs of leather are bases made of porcelain and cork. 

Glass Flooring

Glass is definitely one of those unique flooring trends that works well for some businesses and may be a bit too modern (or even futuristic) for others. Glass floors can be incorporated into other flooring types to create appealing, modern patterns in a mosaic-like design. Adding a mix of transparent, patterned floor tiles and textures can be intriguing to the eye and make a space look larger. Like the other unique flooring trends mentioned here, glass floors are often laid down using tiles or slabs, but they are much more high maintenance than other options. Professionals must come in and make sure your building has the appropriate structural framing for this kind of flooring before the process begins.