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Conference rooms are a crucial part of your office space. It’s important that your conference room space is well-designed for high functionality, productivity and collaboration! Incorporate these modern conference room design ideas into your meeting space to inspire creativity and positive company culture.

Integrate Collaborative Technology

Turn your conference room into a highly collaborative workspace for your staff and clients with integrative technology. When you have the right equipment, technology has the ability to enhance productivity in the conference room, whether you’re having a small internal meeting or a large conference call. First, it’s important that your smart conference room design supports a strong and speedy Internet connection.

Interactive whiteboards or smart surfaces, projectors, monitors, LED video walls and other audiovisual technologies are great tools for brainstorming during team projects, pitching a new product to clients, or large staff presentations. Enhanced video conferencing software can help seamlessly integrate remote individuals into an interactive meeting. Add sophistication and functionality while removing clutter to your modern conference room design with built-in power adapters and wireless charging options.

Color Your Space

Color can have a strong effect on mood, energy, brain activity and our perception of an environment. A productive color palette for your office conference room design can inspire optimism, creativity and productivity during your meetings and brainstorming sessions. Liven up your space with an accent wall and colorful furniture or accessories.  

Design for Sound Acoustics

The acoustics of your conference space can significantly influence your meetings. Design your meeting space for proper sound flow that excludes echoes and reverberation during your video presentations or unwanted noises from outside the conference room. You can add acoustic furniture and high-quality speakers to your conference room to absorb undesirable sounds and enforce privacy.

Add Ergonomic Furniture

It’s important that you prioritize comfort and functionality when planning your conference room layout design. Determine a layout for your office that supports flexibility, collaboration and face-to-face interaction before selecting furniture. Once you determine your layout, choose ergonomic chairs, benches and tables to accommodate your seating arrangement.

Incorporate Biophilic Design

Incorporate biophilic elements into your modern conference room design to improve productivity, focus and wellbeing during collaboration. Bringing natural elements from outdoors inside will help make your meetings much more positive and effective. Add reclaimed wood furniture, “living” plant walls, a water wall or fountain, windows or natural ventilation to your conference room design to give your space refreshing outdoor vibes!