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Summertime is for exploring busy Buffalo communities, taking in live music, and checking out any and every festival. With more events coming out of hibernation, Buffalo natives and visitors are excited to experience all of the unique things to do in Buffalo.

5 Things to do During Summer Near Hertel Ave

There are many exciting things to do in Buffalo, NY and Hertel Avenue is no stranger to the vibrant activities going on during the summer season. Here are a few activities for adults in Buffalo to check out during warmer weather.

“Shop, Rock, and Stroll”

Who wouldn’t want to shop around the historic streets of Hertel Avenue with live music leading the way along the sidewalks? “Shop, Rock, and Stoll” is exactly that! It’s an ongoing summer event occurring the last Friday of every month from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM. This beloved tradition starts the last Friday in May and goes until the last Friday in September. This gives you many opportunities to check out what local vendors and shops have to offer while also supporting local musicians. When looking for things to do in the summer in Buffalo, put “Shop, Rock, and Stroll” at the top of your list.

Explore the Hertel Walls

Whether you’ve lived in Western New York most of your life or are new to the area, you’ve probably noticed gorgeous murals painted on the sides of buildings and bridges. Hertel Avenue is known for its creative community and seeking out the many murals here is a great way to explore. This neighborhood has many relaxing patio dining spaces and eclectic shops—perfect for stopping to snack, sip, or shop during your Hertel Wall search.

Walk the Gardens

There are beautiful gardens outside of the homes off Hertel Avenue, but venture a little outside of North Park to find some of the most gorgeous gardens in the area. The Garden Walk Buffalo is known across America and brings many visitors from Western New York, Canada, and even further away. The nationally anticipated event occurs during the last weekend of July. Thousands of spectators–from WNY and across the country–walk Buffalo’s neighborhoods to take in dedicated gardeners’ beautiful work. This event is free of charge and self-guided.

Discover Italian Heritage Festival

COVID forced many of Buffalo’s treasured activities to a halt the last couple of summers. However, one of locals’ favorite things to do in the summer is back–and back on Hertel Avenue after years of it being relocated to the Outer Harbor. Buffalo natives are more than excited to spend time wandering Hertel Avenue during a weekend of good food and good music alongside. Better yet, those who live in the area can bring food back to their residence, eat on their patio, and enjoy the music from the comfort of their own home.

Look Out for Live Music

Hertel Avenue is known for its live music—just take “Shop, Rock, and Stroll” and the Italian Heritage Festival, for example! Whether bands are set up on the sidewalks or inside bars or restaurants, there are more than enough opportunities to seek out live music this summer. Experiencing local live music is one of the most beloved things to do in the summer in Buffalo—especially now that live music has returned. The Garage Bar & Restaurant, The Public House, and Burning Buffalo Bar & Grill are all known for their live music. Keep an eye out on social media platforms to find when and where local music is playing in the Hertel Avenue neighborhood!