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Understanding your location as well as the needs and preferences of your customers is key to deciding which mixed-use development configuration is the best option for your business. Vertical mixed-use development offers a variety of benefits for tenants.

What is Vertical Mixed-Use Development?

Vertical mixed-use development allows for a combination of different uses within the same building. Typically, the lower floors contain commercial businesses while the upper floors are reserved for private uses. For example, the ground level may contain a retail store while the second floor and up contain professional offices and the upper floors are occupied by apartment units or hotel rooms. Vertical mixed-use developments are generally most successful when positioned around a central public space.

Horizontal vs Vertical Mixed-Use Development

While horizontal mixed-use developments are made up of single-use buildings within a complex, vertical mixed-use developments contain a range of uses in one building. In a horizontal development, some buildings may be used for residential spaces, while other buildings are designated for public use.

Advantages of Vertical Mixed-Use Development

Enliven the Street Edge

Vertical mixed-use development reserves the ground floor for street-front retail and commercial services, attracting local pedestrians and businesses while making room for residents on the upper floors. By livening the street edge, you can create a welcoming and walkable community for locals and visitors alike.

Economic Growth

Vertical mixed-use development promotes an increased demand for local services to accommodate building residents, businesses and employees. As more businesses arrive to complement one another’s services, the community will see economic growth.

Optimal Residential Space

Upper-story residential unit dwellers benefit from increased privacy, less street noise and scenic views in a vertical mixed-use building. However, they are still within close proximity to a wide range of local amenities and employment opportunities.