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Many patients find upscale, sophisticated medical office design more comfortable during medical appointments. Being in a neat, clean space with modern fixtures can make you feel more at ease during an appointment or as you wait. Modern medical office design is growing and improving; unique elements can provide an upscale, yet welcoming atmosphere.

Elements of Upscale Medical Office Design

You can’t throw a few pieces of art on a wall and call your medical space upscale. It takes more than some decor and minimal interior design to create a sophisticated space. The following elements are important when creating a chic, modern medical office design.

Focus on Detail

Though medical appointments aren’t always the most exciting, it’s nice to be treated in a well-maintained space. Details are a big part of a sophisticated medical office design. Even if your style is minimalistic, focusing on aesthetic details involving decor and furniture placement can make all the difference. Creating a space with personality and tiny touches that stick out to visitors provides a sense of comfort during appointments. Keeping a clean, modern medical office design helps those detailed touches really stand out to patients.

Add Unique Lighting

No one likes sitting in a dark, stuffy waiting room before trudging down a just-as-dark hallway for an appointment. Instead of using typical fluorescent lights in a drop ceiling, incorporate unique lighting options into your medical office design. From dangling Edison bulbs to under-counter recessed lights, there are many ways to add an upscale flair to your space. LED lights are becoming the go-to for many businesses and medical offices. This sustainable option provides unique decor opportunities while keeping your office classy and interesting. Elegant standing lights or hallway light strips help a medical office look well-kept while incorporating sophisticated elements.

Tie In Brand Color

Color impacts mood and energy more than it’s given credit for. When it comes to setting the vibe for medical interior design, appropriate pops of color do wonders. By incorporating colors that mesh well with the office, you can create a relaxing medical office design where patients feel at ease. Colors also give off energy that can impact the energy of others. For example, green often gives off relaxing energy while yellow is a more enthusiastic color. Choosing the right color for decor and furniture provides modern, sophisticated statement pieces for a medical office.