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Moving into a new space sounds like an overwhelming venture, but it’s a necessary and profitable investment when you’ve outgrown your current space. Providing your employees with a comfortable and enjoyable work environment will only have a positive impact on overall morale and productivity.

How do you know you’ve outgrown your workspace?

1. You have no room to wander.

Your employees need a comfortable amount of space to do their job diligently and efficiently. If you’re forced to squeeze between cramped workstations and copy machines to get around the office, it’s time to consider a bigger space.

2. Your closets and cabinets are overflowing.

A cluttered workplace is a recipe for disaster, increasing stress levels and permitting disorganization. If paperwork and office supplies are flooding your closets and cabinets, you may want to find a space with more storage.

3. Parking is a hindrance.

If your employees are having difficulty arriving at the office on time due to a lack of parking space, it may be a sign that you need to look for a new space that accommodates your growing team.

4. You’ve outgrown your conference room.

When holding a staff meeting becomes a challenge because there’s not enough room for all of your employees, it may be time to expand your office. If your current conference room design is preventing you from having productive meeting time with your staff, you’re missing out on constructive and creative opportunities to grow your business.

5. Your space no longer suits your business’ needs.

If you plan to expand or revamp your services, team, clientele, resources, or floor plan for a more collaborative environment, you need to find a new space that allows you to adjust to your changing needs.

6. Your location no longer fits your vision.

Your office location is a big part of your company’s identity. If your employees or clientele are concentrated in a certain area, or your ideal office is in a specific setting, it’s time to look for a space that meets your vision.