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Small brick-and-mortar storefronts still attract a large number of customers in the age of online shopping. A Forbes study confirmed that consumers spend significantly more per visit in-store than online. Your small shop design is a huge factor in securing sales for your retail business.

Owning a small shop means being strategic about your space design and merchandise placement. Invest in these small store design ideas to maximize your space and encourage customers to spend time and money in your store!

5 Small Retail Store Design Ideas

Use these small retail space ideas to spruce up your shop!

1. Design Vertically

Make use of your small shop space by implementing a vertical merchandising concept. Display your products on different levels using wall shelves, flat racks or pegboards. Get creative with other non-traditional display solutions, such as antique bicycles or chairs for garment racks!

2. Paint an Accent Wall

Give your store a makeover by painting one bold-colored accent wall! Not only does an accent wall give your shop a fresh new look, but it also gives the room more dimension, making your space look bigger than it really is. Choose a lighter, neutral palette for the rest of your walls to create an atmosphere that feels more spacious than it is.

3. Add Mirrors

Installing floor-length mirrors in your small retail store can noticeably transform your space. Mirrors give the illusion of more space by reflecting and distributing light to make your store appear larger. You can also strategically display your merchandise to reflect on the surrounding mirrors for higher visibility.

4. Glass Displays

Glass dividers and shelves accentuate a minimalist design while giving an overall clean look. Paired with the perfect lighting, glass can make your store look spacious and less cluttered. Glass window displays also add a visually appealing touch to your merchandise display.

5. Illuminate your Space

Lighting is one of the most important details of your retail shop design, especially when you’re working with a tight space. Your entire store should be well-lit so customers can browse all that you have to offer from a distance. Use a variety of track lights, lamps, sconces and picture lights to feature specific products and add dimension to your shop.