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Overhead office lighting makes a huge difference in how your employees feel and focus during the workday. Walking into a dimly lit workspace already feeling drained and groggy doesn’t help with morale or energy as the day unfolds. Creating a bright, sustainably lit office space can improve the productivity, energy, and mental wellness of everyone working there. 


Studies show that if you work in a space with a lot of natural lighting, LED lighting, or just in a well-lit space in general, your brain functions differently. You’re more likely to be productive and creative when lights aren’t straining your eyes, which is why LED lighting can be extremely beneficial in an office setting. When your body’s circadian rhythm (your internal clock) matches the overhead office lighting, you will feel engaged, productive, and awake.



Improved Health

Offices without natural light or energy-efficient lighting can cause headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. If that fatigue becomes worse, that can cause physical and mental exhaustion—both of which are harmful to your health and ability to work. By working in a space with appropriate overhead office lighting, large windows, and breaks when you can enjoy the outdoors, you are more likely to feel healthy and energized.  


Better Mood

Dark offices can easily put you in a grim mood before your workday even begins. As the day goes on, the dimly lit atmosphere can cause you to lose enthusiasm for the tasks you’re working on. Your momentum may slow as the day progresses, resulting in work you’re not proud of. A bright, illuminated space is critical to mental health and mood.  




Energy-efficient light in an office space, such as LED bulbs and natural light, is very beneficial in a workplace. Some fluorescent lights have been known to bring on migraine symptoms and dizziness. LED and halogen incandescent lights save a lot of energy, last longer, and save businesses money over time. These sustainable choices often have a dimmer option. A dimmer can also help regulate your circadian rhythm so your body and focus don’t get off-track. 



Less Fatigue

As discussed, your body’s internal clock is an important part of a successful workday. When overhead office lighting is dark, your body thinks it is nighttime, causing you to become lethargic and tired. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine states that natural light regulates circadian rhythm and hormones, which help with mood and productivity. Between energy-efficient bulbs and natural light, your office will be a very comfortable, effective workspace.