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Industrial facility cleaning is critical for maintaining a clean, safe environment for productivity in a warehouse space. Whether the space is vacant and being looked at on a regular basis for leasing purposes or it is being used for production, manufacturing, meetings, or assembling, safety is key to keeping an industrial facility thriving.

1. Proactive Steps and Safety Measures

Cleanliness, safety, and productivity are three huge factors when keeping a warehouse clean. This can be done by training staff members to clean as the day progresses and right after tasks are complete. Waiting until the end of the day can be ineffective when staff is groggy and unmotivated. Setting the stage for immediate reorganization after a project helps eliminate problems for other workers as the day continues.

Setting and reviewing put the idea of a safe workplace at the forefront of a company’s culture. Assigning daily tasks to staff members and keeping essential work zones free of clutter is a great organization tool and helps keep employees accountable.

2. Effective Equipment for Warehouse Cleaning


Large Brooms and Floor Sweepers

Removing substantial spots of debris and dust is best done with an old-fashioned broom or an industrial-grade sweeper. If staff members all pitch in and sweep their areas throughout the day, an industrial-grade sweeper may not always be needed.  keeps the space safe, clean, and can even prevent sickness from spreading.

Industrial-Strength Vacuum

When physical sweeping just won’t do the trick, stepping up to an industrial-strength vacuum will definitely help. A HEPA filter will prevent large amounts of dust from flying back into the air and settling on top of pallets or racks in the warehouse.


Appropriately disinfecting your industrial space is not just for the COVID era. It is a very smart move for any business to make when it comes to cleanliness and respect for their staff. Keeping your warehouse stocked with waste and recycling bins—and emptying them regularly—keeps garbage contained. Even if your warehouse does utilize a janitorial service, consider spraying down surfaces with disinfectant immediately after use and having hand sanitizers easily available.

Microfiber Cloths and Sponges

Sometimes, you just have to get physical and clean the old-fashioned way with soap, cloths, and sponges. Physically getting into the crevices in commonly used spaces works more efficiently than when it comes to deep-cleaning grime. Microfiber cloths can often be used without excessive chemicals and are a good way to keep your industrial facility more sustainable. These cloths and sponges also work well on metal or glass surfaces to leave a streak-free finish.