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On average, humans spend about 90% of their time indoors. An alarming 35% of office workers spend less than 15 minutes outdoors each day. With this in mind, business owners should be aware of the impact their office space has on employees’ health and wellbeing. 

The way that buildings are designed, constructed and operated has a significant impact on our wellbeing. Healthy office buildings provide safe, clean and healthy environments for workers that mitigate the spread of germs and drive productivity. Learn how you can create a healthier workplace for your office employees using these tips! 

Healthy Office Tips

Improve Air Quality

The air inside a building has a substantial impact on its occupants. Exposure to indoor air pollutants has both immediate and long-term health effects, including headaches, fatigue, respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer. You can improve the indoor air quality by choosing building materials and office supplies with low chemical emissions and properly ventilating your workspace. Allow outdoor air into your building to offset indoor chemicals, odors and other pollutants with advanced filtration. 

Prioritize Natural Light

Lighting plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy work environment. Exposure to natural light is integral for many of our bodily functions. Natural light limits eyestrain, while promoting improved productivity, sleep and overall health. Incorporate as much access to natural light as possible in your office to enhance the work environment.  

Incorporate Biophilic Elements

Incorporate biophilic elements into your office design to introduce nature to the workplace. Biophilic elements, such as plants and natural wood, offer a number of health and environmental benefits. Nature’s restorative qualities can improve creativity, productivity and cognitive function while minimizing the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses throughout the office.

Encourage Healthy Lifestyles

Encourage employees to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle at work with healthy vending options, a built-in fitness center or discounted memberships at a nearby gym, accessible trails and other creative workplace health initiatives. Promote wellness by allowing employees to occasionally get up and stretch or go for a walk throughout the workday. Give employees the opportunity to take care of their mental health and personal responsibilities with flexible working hours and remote work days.

Promote Workspace Hygiene

Desks, keyboards, mouses, phones and other surfaces accrue germs and bacteria throughout the workday. Promote office hygiene and prevent the spread of sickness by encouraging employees to disinfect their workspaces each day. Provide accessible sanitizing stations for employees to wipe down their spaces!