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Many retail stores have utilized self-service kiosks for nearly a decade. The changes COVID-19 forced upon retailers are making the benefits of self-checkout and self-service kiosks clearer to business owners and their customers. Stores are turning toward these digital options as a means of saving money, saving time, and saving their brand.

What is Self-Checkout?

Self-checkout and self-service kiosks are user-friendly, digital versions of cashiers where a customer can swipe, bag, and pay for their purchases without help from another person. With a variety of self-service devices on the market now, some even allow digital payments, such as payment apps, smart cards, and digital wallets.

Advantages of Self-Checkout

Artificial intelligence is gaining traction in practically every industry. On top of the advantages businesses are seeing when it comes to self-checkout options, customers too are reaping the benefits of this technology. The following are examples of just a few of the benefits of self-checkout being experienced all over the globe.

Space Saving Benefits

Cash register lanes take up a good chunk of space, with the technology needed for the belt, cash register, separation plexiglass, and more. If a retail store is large, this may mean more technology is needed and more space is used. One of the advantages of self-service kiosks is that the technology being used is smaller and more compact, making more space available for products. Many stations use wall-mounted devices that do not take up any floor space.

Additional Security

Since there is less in-person engagement with self-checkout stations, security has dramatically increased. Not only have many retailers installed more security cameras and called upon more in-house security staff, but the self-service software also uses additional security. With manufacturers making sure their product is safe and secure, customers can feel better using digital self-checkout stations. Manufacturers take security measures very seriously and often have someone available on-call if a retailer device is not working properly.

Focus on Customer Experience

Retailers are learning that by replacing registers and the equipment that goes with them with self-service kiosks, customers are more comfortable and more likely to return. After COVID-19 sparked some anxiety in most people, returning to physical stores was both an exciting and terrifying change for many. One of the main benefits of self-checkout is that screen cleaning products and sanitizers are right there and can be used by the customer before and after. Employees also pay close attention to sanitation protocols, cleaning the stations often so that customers can feel safe upon entering and leaving.