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COVID-19 forced most medical offices to make dramatic changes when it comes to how they run their practice and how their physical office looks. Though COVID-19 threw many barriers into the way medical offices are run, it also put the importance of certain design dynamics at the forefront. Making the most of your medical office space design means incorporating work elements with unique decorative features that both support productivity and look appealing.

More Multifunctional Spaces

A huge positive that came from the COVID-19 pandemic was the need for more multifunctional workspaces. An example of this could be incorporating patient-first lounges with interactive tablets where they can complete sign-in paperwork or look up information while they wait. Creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere that still provides a sense of community while being at a safe distance from others is a smart way to maximize your medical office space design.

Creative Storage Options

Whether it be a primary care physician’s office or a busy surgical space, having ample storage is critical. However, adding storage solutions into your medical office building plans does not have to be stressful when there are creative, modern ways to make it happen. Portable storage options can be helpful when set up nicely in hallway nooks or outside of each exam room. Another useful storage hack can be utilizing a main medical exam space as the go-to storage hub. Instead of making sure each room is stocked with everything and more (which can end up being messier than expected), make sure rooms have exactly what they need with extra supplies nearby.

Utilize “Pocket Spaces”

A “pocket space” is a small, awkwardly shaped space in your medical office that may be ignored throughout the day. However, utilizing those spaces can bring your medical office space design to a whole new level. As discussed before, storage is extremely important and by adding floating shelves into pocket spaces or keeping rolling storage units in those tiny areas, you aren’t wasting an ounce of space. You can also place standing art in hidden spaces, a standing mirror or a coat rack. Never ignore these little divots throughout your medical office space design; they can always be utilized and turned into something unexpected.

Medical spaces are known for, well, unique art – to put it kindly. However, this stereotype doesn’t mean your medical office space design can’t actually have good, creative decor and art throughout the offices. If you have connections to local artists or your office has talented members on staff, utilize those connections. Maximizing your medical space in an artistic way means staying on brand and utilizing art in a way other offices haven’t yet. It means thinking outside of the box when it comes to color schemes and art layouts when putting together your medical office building plans.