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Dining room at Reikart House

Hospitality development is a risky, yet rewarding venture. Hospitality facilities are an excellent way to generate income, build long-term wealth and add to the community. 

What is Hospitality Development?

Hospitality development refers to the planning and development of hospitality facilities, which include restaurants, hotels, museums, country clubs, resorts and more. The hospitality development process revolves around the property developer, who initiates the project and acts as the intermediary between the property, the project service providers and the party that will be operating the hospitality facility through its life cycle.

The hospitality real estate development process begins with an idea or concept and is brought to reality through project construction, after discussing feasibility and procurement. The control and management of hospitality real estate is a complex process that often involves the hospitality development company and the hotel or restaurant’s brand.


Dining room at Big Ditch Brewery in Buffalo


Iskalo’s Hospitality Development

Iskalo Development specializes in hospitality development, specifically hotels and restaurants. 

At Iskalo, we have plenty of experience in developing and managing successful restaurants and hotels in a competitive market. Our portfolio highlights an array of projects in the hospitality segment, including a boutique hotel, a six-story Hyatt Place hotel, a restaurant bar and ballroom venue and a regional craft brewery. Our hospitality facilities, including the Reikart House and Big Ditch Brewery, have consistently been recognized and awarded for exceptional guest service and premier venues. 

As a hospitality development company, Iskalo looks for unique opportunities to contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Buffalo area. We want to provide a high-quality guest experience for those that enter our hospitality spaces. During the planning, construction, development and operation phases, we look for maximum value to assure longevity.

From financing to management, we are there every step of the way, to ensure that our owners’, investors’ and community’s priorities are met. Our leadership in hospitality real estate in Buffalo offers our clients and investors a wealth of opportunities.


Bar and dining room at Jazzboline