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Office design has been growing and transitioning for decades to meet the needs of the modern-day worker. With warehouses and flex spaces an ever-growing trend, it’s no wonder why modern industrial office design has become so popular. This is the year modern industrial office design takes flight and businesses create open concept, sustainable spaces that promote productivity.

What is Modern Industrial Office Design?

Modern industrial interior design is a distinguished aesthetic that is a little rough around the edges. Industrial office design is often seen as having weathered architecture and using raw materials in a minimalistic way. Warehouses, barns, and abandoned buildings have become popular sites for businesses to bloom and modern industrial offices to come to life.

Metal and Wood

Natural materials such as metal, brick, and wood not only look great aesthetically, but provide a raw, textured look in a space. When materials such as these are utilized in modern industrial interior design, an office feels cozier and more comfortable. The rich textures contrast well with warehouse and barn spaces and will definitely be a trend moving through 2022.

Ergonomic and Sustainable

Ergonomic furniture fits perfectly in a modern industrial office space. This is not only because of the sleek look to the chairs and desks, but also because of the adaptability of ergonomic furniture. Standing desks and ergonomic chairs adjust to meet the needs of the worker and maintain comfort as the day progresses. Along with ergonomic furniture, sustainable materials and products are now used often for modern industrial decor. 

Open and Minimalistic

Businesses are ridding their modern industrial office spaces of cubicles to make way for more open-concept, welcoming vibes. By saying goodbye to separation in workspaces, employees can feel more connected to one another and less cut-off from important discussion. Raw elements incorporated in an open workspace can lead toward a more minimalistic space. This means less clutter, less unnecessary materials, and more productivity. Minimalistic work environments have become a huge trend over the last year or two. When it comes to creating a modern industrial office design, this trend will definitely not slow down.