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Appearance is an important part of retail. After designing your store floor plan, it’s time to furnish your space and decide how you will display your products. You can achieve a cohesive brand image, keep customers’ attention and increase sales with creative retail display solutions! 

Your retail store displays should blend well together and communicate a unified theme to customers that walk into your shop. Here are some in-store display ideas that you can incorporate into your retail space!

Encourage Touch

The rise of online shopping has made exceptional in-store experiences more important than ever. Explore retail display solutions that encourage customers to touch and feel your quality products before making a purchase decision. Showcase your products outside of their packaging, smartly and securely. Invite customers to try out the product or simply hold it.

Prioritize Portability

There are two types of displays: permanent and moveable. It’s best to try and incorporate both permanent and portable displays in your retail establishment for maximum flexibility. This way, you can change your space around to accommodate seasonal products, new merchandise or simply a refreshed look for your store.

Moveable displays are particularly helpful in gift shops, furniture stores, decor shops and clothing outlets that depend on creating an ambiance that gives customers ideas and puts them in the mood to buy. Permanent displays, such as elaborate end-cap displays, interactive displays, video displays, and heavy wooden or metal floor displays, are ideal for highlighting your retail store’s best-selling products or “evergreen” items.

Utilize Empty Space

While stocking your store, you may find some empty spaces on your retail establishment’s walls or floor. You may want to use this space to hang shelves, add a small rack or display lifestyle images of real people using your products. Avoid clutter when filling your space by keeping your product displays and signage both simple and tasteful.

Get Creative

Look for ways you can creatively display your products while maintaining your store’s aesthetic. Find ordinary, yet non-traditional objects that will make your products stand out, such as old chairs, tables, frames, wooden boxes or upcycled materials. Find opportunities to showcase merchandise with versatile displays that allow for multiple complementary products.

Leverage Window Displays

Encourage customers walking by your storefront to come in and see what else you have to offer with an interesting window display. Pique your potential customers’ interest by showcasing some of your most eye-catching products in the window, without displaying your entire store. Use creative, seasonal props to spark conversation and invite shoppers inside. Take a look at your competitors’ storefronts to find shop window display ideas for your store, and then make them your own!