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Today’s doctors require medical spaces that accommodate evolving patient needs and new technology while preserving a soothing aesthetic. These are just some of the features modern practice owners are looking for in their real estate search! 


Location plays an extremely important role in a medical office’s success. There are multiple variables that shape a location’s appeal, including demographics, convenience and competition. An ideal location for many modern doctors would be near other medical professionals outside of their specific practice. Being close to other practitioners is convenient for patients and may even present partnership opportunities.

Today’s doctors consider their market segment before moving into an office. For example, doctors specializing in cosmetic or elective procedures prefer to set up their offices in higher-income neighborhoods. Other doctors with an older demographic prefer to be located near hospitals in case of emergencies or pharmacies for convenient prescription pick-up.

Parking Space

Ample parking is a necessary feature for many of today’s doctors on the hunt for medical real estate. There must be enough parking to allot a space to each staff member, patient, partner and sales rep that may be visiting the office on a single day.

Curb Appeal

First impressions are so important for businesses that deal with patients on a daily basis. Many of today’s doctors focus on curb appeal to welcome new customers and make them feel comfortable receiving medical care from the practice. Medical practice owners are looking for well-lit, maintained and aesthetically pleasing buildings with room for clear signage.

Larger Exam Rooms

Today’s practitioners are looking for larger exam rooms to encourage a more consultative relationship between the patient and physician. Increasing the exam room size allows physicians to accommodate guests or family members that the patient may bring in with them.

More Room for Patient Flow

For more patient privacy and comfort, as well as safety, newer practices are facilitating an improved patient flow in the office. Seating patients too close to the registration desk could compromise their patient privacy. Many practices are opting for a second patient registration area or more separation between the reception desk and waiting room.

Infrastructure for Cloud-based Technology

Many modern practices are using cloud-based systems and devices with WiFi compatibility to record patient data. Today’s doctors are looking for medical office real estate with the infrastructure to accommodate cloud-based solutions and provide high-speed Internet access.