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When a business owner wants to add a little personality to their office space, incorporating original brick is a great way to do just that. Brick wall restoration has become a recognized office trend over the last decade due to the appealing aesthetic and historical ambiance. However, how much work really goes into brick wall restoration? Will your business reap the benefits?

Benefits of Brick Cleaning and Restoration

Brick is a very sturdy, dependable material and maintaining it over time preserves the integrity of the building. With correct knowledge of how to restore bricks, the structure of the building is less likely to need replacements. On top of being such a robust material, brick provides an alluring, comfortable aesthetic for a work or living environment. When the original brick is beautifully restored, it creates a welcoming feel in a commercial or industrial setting.

How to Restore Bricks for an Industrial Office

Brick wall restoration takes time and patience, but the end product is one that will awe clients and customers. These are the steps a professional will take to repair the brick wall in your industrial space to provide a clean, stylish workspace.

Deep Clean

Cleaning is no one’s favorite part of a restoration project, but it is probably one of the most critical. When it comes to original brick and mortar, gentle methods of power washing are most effective. If the washing or scrubbing pressure is too strong, the intensity can damage the bricks. Using water, salt, and dish soap is a recommended way to dilute liquid before cleaning. After letting the mixture sit for about ten minutes, it is safe to begin scrubbing with.

Repair Mortar

Repairing impaired mortar plays a very important role in the brick wall restoration process. Worn down mortar can create concerns with a building’s structure and appearance over time. Since mortar is the cement blend that joins bricks to one another, making sure mortar is stable is crucial to a building’s integrity. Professionals use a method they call pointing, a process where they clean, finish and correct the mortar between each brick. If weather or moisture are to blame, repointing is necessary.

Replace Damaged Bricks

When brick cleaning and restoration is overlooked, bricks become damaged. When replacing original bricks, the replacement bricks must be the same strength, size, shape and color as the original. The same goes for the mortar process—the original material must match the replacement. The nice thing about bricks is that half of the material is often hidden. If a brick is removed and the other side of it is presentable, it can be salvaged and the more appealing side can be used. Luckily, there are specialized tools professionals use when bricks are damaged or need to be switched around.

Restore Color

Original bricks can easily collect debris over time, such as dirt and pollutants. Moisture buildup can also become a major problem if brick cleaning doesn’t occur consistently. These factors all play a role in the original color of brick fading over time. Though some designers and business owners like the look of faded brick, it is important to make sure the integrity of the structure. Bringing the original color back to life means pressure washing (in the gentle way described above) and ridding the brick of contaminants and debris. This can also be done using a professional masonry stain that helps secure and brighten that original color.

Prevent Water Damage

Moisture and water damage are major reasons why brick wall restoration has to happen when undergoing an office renovation. Water damage is also something business owners do not want to deal with after the brick cleaning and restoration process is complete. Waterproofing prevents water damage to the building structure and seals off access points for future exposure. When sealants and repellents are used for waterproofing, bricks can maintain their original look without worry of moisture damage. To maintain this kind of protection, waterproofing should occur every five or seven years. This will ensure appropriate protection when finishing the brick wall restoration project for your office.